Liberty Orchards Candy Factory Tour

Summer break is almost over….despite the warm weather in two short weeks my kidlets will be back at school and life order will be once again restored at Daily Organized Chaos.

Liberty Orchards

Aplets & Cotlets

Summer break in my family is all about fun….sun…water….camping…beaches…ice cream….pool….smore’s…

Of course I like to keep it interesting and throw little fun education in the mix.

During our travels we love to explore… and learn new things. This summer wasn’t any different.

One of the highlights of this year summer exploration was a visit to Liberty Orchards Candy Factory and take part in their FREE tour of the factory and of course sampling of their delicious candies… might know as APLETS & COTLETS (among other kinds).

Liberty Orchards

My Kids In A Candy Store - Liberty Orchards Retail Store

I’ve been buying Aplets & Cotlets candies for few years now and I never knew the history behind them or even where and how they were made…..till now.

During our recent trip exploring the beautiful Washington State we found ourselves in a city of  Cashmere….(I still think it’s a small town)

After entering the town sorry,city limits limits we all noticed big and colorful billboard inviting us for a candy factory tour and FREE candy samples….of course we were sold….especially after I discovered that the candy in question are my favorite Aplets & Cotlets.

Liberty Orchards

My Youngest Waiting For The Candy Factory Tour

Liberty Orchards Company is a family run and operated business that started in 1918 by two Armenian immigrants Armen Tertsagian and Mark Balaban.

After few failed business ventures in Seattle the two best friends decided to leave Seattle and look for new business opportunities and the American Dream in Eastern Washington….they settled in Vale of Cashmere and purchased an Apple Orchard which they named Liberty Orchards.

Times were tough in 1918 for orchardists so Armen and Mark were trying to find new ways to use their fruit…..Northwest Evaporating Cannery was born.

The cannery was a big success , but that did not stop the two friends and in 1940′s they decided to take their business to the next level…..candy making.

Liberty Orchards

Pouring Candy Mixture Into Trays

Liberty Orchards

Liberty Orchards

These were not just ordinary candies….the two friends decided to turn their childhood favorite treat Turkish Delight into a delicious confectionery using apples and walnuts.

After hours and hours of perfecting the recipe on their kitchen stove first Apple & Walnut Turkish Delight was born.

The candy was an immediate success and Armen and Mark decided to sell the   “Confection of the Fairies” also known as APLETS across the Pacific Northwest. Few years later Liberty Orchards introduces new delicious confection using Apricots and Walnuts called COTLETS.

Liberty Orchards

Liberty Orchards

As of today Liberty Orchards are still busy as ever making delicious candies in many flavors and many variations as well as Orchard Bars (my youngest favorite) and other yummy delights…..and SUGAR FREE candies.

Liberty Orchards Company is still run by the family…..candies are still made on the premises by local people just like Armen and Mark did over 50 years ago.

Liberty Orchards

Liberty Orchards

So if you ever find yourself traveling trough the Eastern Washington looking for some sweet adventure take some time and visit Cashmere and Liberty Orchards…..don’t forget to sample their delicious candies….the candy factory tour is pretty cool too.

Liberty Orchards

Aplet Of My Eye....

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14 Responses to “Liberty Orchards Candy Factory Tour”

  1. Shelley says:

    I was there a while back, my family took the tour, but I didn’t, so it’s good to see it here. There really isn’t much to Cashmere, is there? I did get to take some nice photos of the area & we had some amazing fries at a 50′s themed restaurant that was across the freeway. The samples in the factory were delicious & they had some really good tea for sale.

  2. Catalina says:

    Though I’ve never eaten anything from this brand, you make it sound so good (and along with the photos) that I’m really craving some free samples right now :D

    • Bibi says:

      Oh, Catalina these candies are soooo delicious. I am a big fan or Cotlets and now after taking the tour also Peach & Walnut .

  3. Debra says:

    I would really love to taste those, but you cant get them in the UK;(

  4. I have actually made something very similar to this before. Just this last year during the holidays. Hope yours were better than mine. I think I missed a step haha.

  5. Lisa Taylor says:

    I’ve seen these forever, but don’t think I’ve ever tried them. I am now totally inspired! I *love* discovering little places like that to tour. They make a vacation/road trip that much more special. We had a great time at a cranberry bog a few years back

  6. Marie Noelle says:

    That’s my dream in pictures! I always wanted to visit a candy factory but never had the chance! I loooove turkish delight (and right now, I wish I had a box at home)…

  7. How much fun to get to see the inner workings of a candy factory— I am sure every child’s dream…

  8. Belle says:

    wow.. i bet you really had a great time visiting the candy factory.. i’ve always wanted to go and visit a candy factory but i can’t find time to do it

  9. Alexandria says:

    hahaha! I love their faces in that first picture. Glad you all had a great summer!

  10. Audrey says:

    What a fun tour. I love to watch the show “Unwrapped” and see how so many of the foods I love are made.

  11. Looks like a fun end-of-summer trip! I have fond memories of going on tours of places with my family when I was a child. : )

  12. What a fun tour and what a cool thing to do. I bet the boys really enjoyed it.

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