You Could Live This Much Longer If….

….If I Could Turn Back Time……

You all know that song, right?

Unfortunately, we can’t turn back time…..every year we get older and older…..despite of being a believer of age being just a number on the days when nothing hurts me or I look particularly good in the mirror it’s nice to know that there are some things we can do to enjoy our life much longer…..

According to SUNY Upstate Medical University if you do certain things regularly you can live up to 12 years longer.

What are these things you ask?

Walk Your Dog – live 1 year longer

Eat Breakfast – live 1.1 years longer

Romance Your Partner – live 1.6 years longer

Get 20 Minutes of Sun Daily – live 1.7 years longer

Take Vitamin E – live 2 years longer

Learn New Skills – live 2.5 years longer

Sleep 7 hours nightly – live 3 years longer

Brush & Floss – live 6.4 years longer

Avoid Cigarette Smoke – live 7 years longer

Pray – live 10 years longer

Get Yearly Checkups – live 12 years longer

I don’t know about you, but I am making my doctor’s appointment, right now! I want to enjoy this glorious life for as long as I can…..

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12 Responses to “You Could Live This Much Longer If….”

  1. Debra says:

    Of course… these are all the things one would do if we ‘wanted’ to live longer :)

  2. Candi says:

    what a great list. I should print it and show it to my hubby.

  3. Lyka Ricks says:

    These are daily tasks, the more you keep your routine, the more you lengthen your Life. That’s Great! Yearly check -up makes the Life longer and we should submit ourselves to it.

  4. Jamie says:

    I love this!!!! Absolutely love this =)

  5. Alexis Grace says:

    Yes!!!!! I went to the doctor today!

  6. Lisa Taylor says:

    Great list. I’m thinking of printing it out!

  7. Sara says:

    This’s fun! But what if I have no dog to walk?? :P

  8. Winnie says:

    “Live longer with romance” – I couldn’t agree with you more. I like that sentence
    Life is much more happier and full when you find and love your other-half

  9. Sarah says:

    Ok, this might actually help me remember to floss EVERY day! I think the learning new skills one is great. Especially as you age, staying sharp and continuing to learn and grow def keeps you young.

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